Editing – the icing on your cake.

Editing services for food writers, authors, and entrepreneurs.

Are your ideas flowing onto the page and over to your readers –  like a smooth swoop of whipped cream?



Or are they getting stuck to the roof of your mouth – like a spoonful of peanut butter? 

If you’re ready to give up stale and ambiguous…

come play in my kitchen!


Running a business means to put yourself out there. It also means to put your WORDS out there. Through your

marketing materials,
blog posts,
and social media.

Your words are your 24/7 sales team. Don’t let them sleep on the job. Edit them well and be confident that they are working for you.


Maybe you lived through it. Maybe you made it up. Maybe you have strong opinions. Wherever it comes from, you have a drive to share in the form of

flash fiction,
creative non-fiction,

You have an amazing story, and (unless it’s on purpose) no way are you going to make people cringe.

Apply some “edit polish” so your BEST VERSION shines with success and resonates with readers.


As you take in and interpret the world around you – you also actively create the world you live in. Seeking out opportunities and opening up avenues for your work includes

artist statements,
artist bios,
grant proposals,
cover letters,
catalogue descriptions.

This is your moment to present your voice, your self, and your vision with clarity.

You’ve got something to say.

Now it’s time to tell the world.

You write because you have goals. Whether it’s an employee manual or a #CandidCaption, you wrote it for a purpose – to educate, entertain, make a point, make a sale, state your case, stir up emotions, clarify, explain, encourage action and change…

So many reasons – and so many confusing sentence structures.

The editing process is more than grammar and punctuation, it is how you choose the right pace, structure, and words, to reach your goals.

Whether you are in need of larger structural and content editing, or more detailed line and copy edits, I can help you smooth out inconsistencies, strengthen each word’s impact, and guide you so your project has a natural flow – all while amplifying your voice.

If you are putting ideas into words, never fear – I’m here to make sure you are communicating clearly. Hi, my name is Lisa.

Tell me more about your project!