Executive Editing

You only have a few seconds to capture attention. As an artist or entrepreneur who has a message for the world, you need to make sure your words are fresh, compelling, and build excitement around your work.

This service is for emails, newsletters, blog posts, web articles, sales pages, promotional materials, artist statements, bios, proposals, and all the many places words are used.

We start with a phone call or email, so I learn about your needs and your goals. Perhaps you need to edit your copy to fit a certain word count. Maybe you need help articulating important ideas. To help you build the best message, I combine both developmental and line editing to craft words that make the strongest impact. Copywriting is included if requested, or if parts of your copy need to be rewritten. The focus is on finding crisp language that enhances your unique personality, and also speaks to your target audience. Finally I proofread your document for all grammar and spelling errors.

I return to you two files of your work: one with notes and suggested edits, and one clean copy with all edits incorporated.

Website Copy Auditing

If you want people to buy your product, service, or send you fan mail, you need copy that conveys who you are and what you’re about, as quickly as possible.

This service is an analysis of your site through objective eyes.

First we have a phone call or email interview so I can learn about you, your art/business, your target audience, and your objectives. Then I address your site’s messaging, readability, content, and structure.

I give you feedback and my perspective as a first-time visitor to your site. I offer tips on how to optimize your headlines and copy, so you can stand out, not fit in. All content is analyzed for flow and relevancy to your target audience. Existing copy is smoothed out and edited to maintain a strong consistent brand voice. It is screened and proofread for grammar and spelling errors. Included are suggestions on the kinds of content to better engage your audience to make it easier for them to hit that call-to-action button.

Developmental Editing

Congratulations! You have finished writing your manuscript. Now you want to strengthen its structure. This is foundational editing that addresses a story’s building blocks, such as: plot, dramatic tension, setting, characterization, dialogue, point of view, and pacing.

We start with either a phone call or email questionnaire so I understand the vision you have for your work. I keep that in mind as I do an initial reading. I deliver to you a letter detailing my immediate response to your manuscript and include some potential ideas for revision. You offer feedback to this letter, and we collaborate to make sure my work aligns with your goals. After a second thorough reading, I deliver your manuscript back – complete with margin notes and suggestions on where to build up, expand, condense, and clarify.

This service includes one reread and light notes after any changes have been incorporated. This service does not include any line editing or proofreading.

Line and Copy Editing

Your manuscript is already revised and is structurally sound. Now you want to maximize readability. This is editing on the sentence and paragraph level for: book manuscripts, essays, white papers, and manuals.

The focus is on clarity and smooth transitions. Awkward and choppy, repetitive and (yawn) redundant words get upgraded to more impactful choices and arrangements, all while maintaining your voice.

I do a thorough reading and return a copy of your manuscript with suggested edits.

This service includes one reread after any changes have been incorporated, where I then proofread for grammar and spelling errors.

My #1 priority is to optimize your work’s content and form.


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