Hi, I’m Lisa.

The editor

who wants to bake
your words into a delicious pie.

Editing isn’t just punctuation and grammar.

It’s the process of how you choose the right pace, structure, and words to reach your goal.

My #1 priority is to optimize your work’s content and form.


No one knows your work better than you, so why bring in an editor?

The editing process is like making pancakes.

You know that first pancake…
Compare it to your following pancakes, which become more golden, more round, and more perfect with each flip. The first pancake is sitting on the side, a little misshapen, a little under or overcooked.

It’s edible, but just a little bit off.

Definitely not the pancake your guests will be salivating for.

If your writing has a specific purpose, then you want your audience to know what’s being served, you want them drooling at first glance, then satisfied when they leave the table.

An editor can help you take the words and ingredients you’ve gathered and refine them into golden perfection.

There are different kinds of editing.

You may come across titles such as:
Content Editor
Developmental Editor
Line Editor
Copy Editor

How far along you are in your project determines what sort of editing services you need. The first phase of edits you make on your work should be around content and development. It is focused on the big picture. This stage involves rewrites and restructuring.

The further along you are, the more the structure develops. This allows the edits to zoom in progressively, until the final edits lead you to proofreading – the final screen to catch all the remaining punctuation and spelling errors.

How I help you achieve your goals.

As your editor, I bring guidance to whichever phase you are currently in. Whether you need a developmental edit after your first draft, or if you need a final pair of objective eyes to tighten things up.

First, we get to know each other and I learn about your project, your audience, and your voice.

When I edit your work, I focus on your main ideas, strengthening the form and the words which will resonate most with your audience.

Finally, I polish your words, amplify your voice, and clarify your message, so you communicate clearly with a natural smooth flow. 


Make each word count.
Contact me today.

Eat Your Emotions.
What’s with the name?

I’ve done my fair share of eating my feelings. All who have survived childhood have, at some point, ignored pain by focusing on a form of comfort food. For me, each spoonful of ice cream put one bite of distance between me and the feels I didn’t want to feel.

Pints and years later, I realized that being numb to myself was no good for my well-being and that eating my emotions would be far better for my health. I set out to understand what I was feeling and began to dissect each emotion, one-by-one.

The words used to describe the depths of the human experience is fascinating to me. Each emotion I studied gave me more language around how it feels to be alive. My informal study led to an emotional dictionary project called, Eat Your Emotions.

Increasing my emotional intelligence helped me become a better human. It also made me a stronger writer. Emotions create strong connections and drive action. There is real power when you can connect to an audience on an emotional level.

I believe that the more we eat our emotions and understand what drives us, the more we understand each other. This is one of my core values and, as your editor, it is reflected in my goal to understand you and your work. I kept the name because it’s a part of me now – and it is fun to say.

With the editing process, plenty of good stuff gets cut out because it’s perfect – but perfect for another time and place. It’s difficult to let go when this happens. You have to eat your emotions, step back, and let the writing be your guide.

Dessert is the main visual on this site.
What’s up with that?

I SNACK on words in-between every meal. Words sustain me.

However, I could DINE on desserts for every meal. Sweets are my first love, and they have taken me on adventures – both around the world, and also on journeys within.

All photos on this site are of my own creations and styling. When I’m not eating words, I’m indulging my sweet tooth.

Tell me more about your project!

emotions are good for you