50 Flavors of Happiness

Cake always tastes better with YOU!

In a world that spoils us with choice, we have become increasingly unsatisfied. We aren’t sure how to be happy anymore. A feeling of ennui descends and we don’t know what we want. Being offered 50 flavors of ice-cream should make us happy, but instead our final choice makes us worried that we chose poorly.

I always get mint chocolate chip. I should have been adventurous and tried the miso cherry. This must mean I am doomed because I’m stuck in my comfort zone. Ahhhhh!

Just like the question, “Why can’t we just get along?” we now ask, “Why can’t I just be happy?”

Happiness is the sweetest taste in the world. Although a very adaptable flavor, it isn’t one-size-fits-all. Chocolate or vanilla, it is served up in a million ways, but is guaranteed to be sweet if it is crafted out of MEANING. Once you know where the meaning lies, the sweetness of happiness is right there.

To taste happiness, you need to know what is meaningful for you, and you can make meaning as you wish!

If someone fed me crusty Cheerios off the floor, I would not taste happiness in that. However, if I had a baby, and my baby was trying to feed me, I would think it the sweetest piece of dried processed wheat in the world.

Here are 50 flavors of Happiness. Maybe you’ve tried some? Please add your own to the list in the comments below!

  1. The taste of the first kiss.
  2. A dollar slice of NY pizza.
  3. Coffee delivered to you by the love of your life, when you don’t even drink coffee.
  4. Dad’s fried rice, even without the soy sauce.
  5. The chocolate ganache cake your son made you, regardless if he mistook the salt for the sugar.
  6. Water from the tap, complete with chlorine, because it is clean and won’t make you sick like the tap water in Peru..
  7. The bruised banana in your lunchbox, because mom packed it for you.
  8. A stolen lollipop before dinner, because it takes more than just one to spoil your appetite.
  9. Spinach, because you want to be like Pop-Eye.
  10. Cold beer on a hot day.
  11. Stale cookies posted to you from Hawaii. Island flavor, two weeks old, is still great if it is coming from a friend.
  12. The cheesy artichoke casserole on your doorstep with the note, Good Luck Tomorrow…Stay strong!
  13. M&Ms, shared with you from someone you just met, paired with their smile.
  14. The wine that cost you a month’s rent, because you were proposing to your girlfriend.
  15. The wine that cost you $3, because it was on sale and you’re drinking it with your newly minted fiancé, in your newly purchased home.
  16. Airplane food, because you’re on your way to an adventure.
  17. The first perfectly poached egg you have ever made.
  18. Grandma’s homemade jam with peaches from her garden.
  19. Steak, medium rare, even though you’re vegetarian, as you close the business deal of your life.
  20. All the ice cream flavors you can possibly try, because it’s free.
  21. All the ice cream flavors you can possibly try, because you can afford it.
  22. Soup, made by mom when you have a sore throat.
  23. Twinkies, because they remind you of an inside joke.
  24. The taste of revenge.
  25. The taste of forgiveness.
  26. The taste of your own tears. Fat and salty, mixed with relief, gratitude, love…
  27. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts.
  28. Cheerios, fed to you by your baby.
  29. A loaded serving of street food you originally weren’t going to order, but the vendor was so happy you, as a foreigner, can speak his language he insisted you try everything.
  30. Morning after toast.
  31. Meals you have made yourself.
  32. Meals you don’t make yourself.
  33. Cabbage, because you’ve dropped 10 pounds.
  34. Macaroni and cheese on your cheat day.
  35. The taste of everything, everyday, when you give up counting calories.
  36. Tea, plucked and processed by your dear friend.
  37. The chocolate truffles that were sent to you, boxed with a sincere apology.
  38. Banana cream pie on the 4th of July.
  39. Dinner on your 1st anniversary.
  40. Dessert on your 50th anniversary.
  41. Anything from the vending machine when you’re hungry.
  42. Noodles at a Chinese wedding.
  43. Brunch with your best friend.
  44. Healthy foods, because they helped you run a marathon, hike a mountain, and birth a baby.
  45. Swiping the last bite on your friend’s plate, just cuz you can.
  46. Offering the last bite to your friend.
  47. Limited time only foods: Girl Scout Cookies, Pumpkin Spice lattes, and sweet summer peas.
  48. Sharing your fries with someone you love.
  49. Eating all the fries by yourself!
  50. The taste of the last kiss.

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