I am Lisa-a person full of emotions. 

I Chai Everything!

I am a tea artist, pastry chef, and writer. Since we are talking about labels, I like to think of myself as a minimalist, but that only applies to the acquisition of trinkets, gadgets, and bad vibes.  For some reason my minimalism doesn’t extend to books, teaware, and baking utensils. This is troublesome, because a suitcase is only so big, and traveling is my addiction.

Why start Eat Your Emotions? 

I have a real passion for exploring, learning, creating, and sharing. This blog is where I can do all of those things.  I hope to inspire you to live with courage, to understand yourself and others better, and to build a sweet life that feels right for you.

I believe that once you get a good handle on who you are and what your values are, life becomes simpler and a lot more fun. One of the main ways I learn about myself and others is by tuning into emotions. 

I wasn’t always involved with feelings though. I had absolutely no emotional intelligence for the first half of my life. My family is of the school of thought that emotions are things that need to be contained. They make you crazy and lead you astray. You never “show your face” or let others in on how you’re feeling. Don’t talk about emotions.

You just shove them down

so you can get on with the business of surviving life.

Is there a darkness hanging around the edges of my life?

My parents had a lot to survive, being immigrants who came to this country with no money, no network, no qualifications, and barely there English language skills. With their amazing work ethic and smarts, they opened Chinese restaurant, became a culinary institution in a little Southern town, full of fields and sticks, and attained the American dream – all for me and my siblings. Who was I to sit around and talk about my feelings when there were customers waiting to be fed, and an endless to-do list to get on top of.

She tipped her cup and said…”I know only satisfaction.”

 I didn’t know how to express the things I felt, so – I simply stopped feeling things. Life was just a series of days to get through, waiting for the next, and the next. I didn’t even realize I was stuck in “the waiting room.” At one point, I even asked my sister to slap me, just so I could feel something. Nothing opens the floodgates like all-consuming anger and disappointment. Stuff like that is supposed to happen during your teen years, but I was too busy being completely dead inside to succumb to teenage angst. Waves of emotion pummeled me much later in life. I didn’t even have the vocabulary to understand it. What is this feeling? Why am I reacting like this? I was confused but finally, I felt human. I could feel!

After feeling numb for so long, I became very interested in learning about human emotions, using myself as the test subject. Because…you just don’t know until you try!  You can’t feel it until you’re living it, and thus began my ping pong journey through life.

In my quest to experience as much life as I can, I have tried on quite a few hats, in quite a few places, which has resulted in a very non-linear path. 

So far, I have lived in 5 States and 5 countries. That list could look like a mess to some, but I promise you that I am not a commitment-phobe! Maybe the list doesn’t look logical, but certainly it is full of emotion, and all kinds of opportunities for discovery. I’ve learned a lot about myself by jumping in with two feet when the moment felt right! (Isn’t that commitment?)

What’s with the obsession over tea and dessert? 

Because tea keeps you calm and appreciative of the simple things, and dessert keeps life sweet. Both offer endless beauty, through their craft and deliciousness, and a reason to connect and share with others.

Just like I was deprived of emotions, during my childhood I was also deprived of sweets, unless oranges count as dessert. Excluding Dim Sum restaurants, there is nothing resembling cake on a Chinese restaurant menu. That craving for something sweeter launched me into wanting to learn everything about dessert. I have spent 10 years in sweet kitchens, and left a career in design to earn my diploma in French Pastry Arts from Alain Ducasse’s L’École Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie in France. I learned French! Worked in a 3*** Michelin Restaurant, a patisserie in Nice, and a boulangerie in Paris…and lost a lot of sleep. It was an amazing foundation that set me up for more sweet adventures in New York and Australia.

Always, when I need to work out what I’m feeling, I go straight to the kitchen. Dessert making is a kind of moving meditation for me, and the bonus is that it can be shared with others! My philosophy towards dessert and tea mirrors my values for life. Simplicity, Integrity, and Beauty rule. These recipes can all easily be made by the home baker. I hope you enjoy, and please come back often to Eat Your Emotions. 

Thanks for visiting!

With Love,