Hi, I’m Lisa.

I help creatives

tell their brand story
sell their products
and put smiles on customer’s faces

by writing clear, compelling copy.

Copywriting isn’t about persuasion – it’s about connecting.

It’s the link that matches your goals with your audience’s dreams.

Why I am a copywriter:

It started with a cheesecake.

I had the perfect recipe and I was hunting for the perfect audience. New York City is full of cheesecake, so finding that point of difference was difficult. It wasn’t enough to declare it delicious, based in tradition, handmade by moi (a French-trained pastry chef). Those were the virtues I liked about it, but I wasn’t selling it to myself. It needed more.

The secret was in the sauce.
Cherry rum, to be specific.

I sent a sample of cheesecake and sauce to Jamaican restaurants. Included was a short note on rum’s identity and place in NYC. I suggested that melding the two in the form of cheesecake would be a great way to extend this history to their diners. Making that emotional connection worked, and I became the dessert supplier to two restaurants and a bar.

That was my first win, using the power of words.

When I started my dessert pop-up, I used compelling captions and photos on Instagram to drive traffic. Within three months, my creampuffs were featured on Zagat’s feed.

It was very satisfying to see that success, that I started to write copy for other creative entrepreneurs, telling their story and helping them connect with their market. Converting ideas into language, and then seeing how language converts into action (sales!) is so exciting for me.

Having a good product is key.

Presenting it well in photographs is important too.

Pairing it all with the right words is ESSENTIAL.

Today, when we can see everything on paper, or through a screen before we come in contact with it, words are our 24/7 sales team.


Eat Your Emotions.
What’s with the name?

I was born into the restaurant industry, and for a long time I understood an eggroll better than I understood myself. My hand could feel just how much stuffing was needed for a wrapper. My fingers knew how to seal them up, snug and secure. One peek into the deep-fryer and I knew exactly how many more seconds it needed to sizzle. Eggrolls had simple needs, and clear solutions if anything went off track. My needs, on the other hand, were buried under deep mounds of fried rice. It took me years to shovel down and reach the emotional core of myself.

Learning about emotions opened up worlds for me, and I became fascinated with the depths of the human experience. I studied them and ate them up, one by one. That led to an emotional dictionary project called, Eat Your Emotions.

Increasing my emotional intelligence helped me become a better human. It also made me a stronger writer. Tapping into an audience’s emotions creates a strong connection. Emotions drive action, not because of persuasion, but because feelings are powerful. We humans simply want what we want. The more we eat our emotions and understand what drives us, the more we understand each other. I kept the name because it fits with my goal to understand your market and write authentically.

Food is the main visual on this site.
Do you only work with food companies?

No. I write for creative souls who are brave enough to put beauty and value out into the world.
I write for those who honor integrity, and want to be known for being themselves.

My writing process starts with research. After I am familiar with your voice and your message, I am able to craft copy…tailor-made to fit your market.

However, the hospitality industry is definitely my playground. I have explored front of house, and back of house. I have been a restaurant designer and kitchen designer. When I am not copywriting, I am a recipe developer, pastry chef, and tea educator. Food making and appreciating is one of my life’s greatest pleasures. If you like the crusty crackle of bread, the soft give of pudding, and the snap of well-tempered chocolate – we’re going to get along just fine.

All photos on this site are of my own creations and styling. Thanks for noticing!

some places i’ve worked:

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