Copywriting – better than cake.

Want to serve tasty words, custom-made to make your audience crave what you’re offering?
You’ve come to the right place for copywriting that delights.

You have built an amazing brand.

Now it’s time to tell the world about it.

You didn’t push out that brand-baby just for funsies. You want that baby to grow strong, run, and make you some money.

Great brands are ignored everyday because they aren’t connecting with their intended market. There are lots of marketing tactics, but no one likes the whiff of slick persuasion.

Grow your business by being authentic, with copywriting that is clear and compelling.

Wherever you transform your ideas into words: website copy, blog content, landing pages, newsletter emails, pitch decks, brochures, product packaging, menu descriptions, Instagram captions – I can help you sound like your authentic self, connect emotionally to your audience, and keep them coming back for more.

Hi, my name is Lisa.

Care about integrity but still want to make sales?

Need copy that is honest, but juicy?

If you’re ready to give up stale and generic…

…come play in my kitchen!

Website copy.

Your website makes sense to you, but it isn’t attracting and converting customers as well as it should. With in-depth research, I help you connect to your ideal crowd, speak from your heart, and win them over.

Product packaging copy.

Your value proposition needs to speak directly to your audience’s goals, all from the shelf. I help you refine your message, turning your truth into captivating and memorable copy.

Copy editing & Copy audits.

Style. Organization. Clarity. Tone.

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes, not only to catch grammar and spelling mistakes, but to make sure that your message is being delivered with a consistent message throughout. I help you clean up and improve your writing with my complete copy editing process. This is great for any document, digital or print.

Straight to the point

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I’m certified!

Through research, I help build buyer personas, so you can build a great buying experience for your customers.

You know who your target audience is, but understanding why and how they make their choices goes beyond demographics. By knowing what your customer wants at every step, you can position your messaging as an exact match to their needs.

Get words that are crafted to work for you